4 Perks to Using a CoWorking Space While You’re Still in School

Working at a coworking space while you're still in school can be a great way to gain valuable experience and make connections. In this post, we'll explore the pros and cons of working at a co-working space while you're still in school, as well as some tips for getting the most out of your experience.

You make strong connections

Believe it or not, it is easier to find a job while you’re still in school. You can gain experience while you're still in school, as well as meet others who can help you secure a job upon graduation. You can even build relationships with potential employers.

You gain valuable experience

You can gain valuable experience working with others. Working in a group is great for learning about teamwork and communication, as well as the importance of time management and self-discipline. You'll get to apply these skills in your future career, whether you're an entrepreneur or working for someone else.

You can utilize the coworking resources

You get access to resources like desks, high-speed internet and printers when needed so there’s no need to worry about bringing your own equipment or purchasing expensive things like those mentioned.

You build your network

Networking can take your career to the next level. Networking can help you find jobs, mentors, collaborators and investors.

Working with others in a coworking space can provide you with a supportive, structured environment to complete work and build connections.

Though you may be tempted to work alone, working with others can provide you with a supportive, structured environment to complete work and build connections.

Coworking spaces often have events that bring people together—and those connections last well past the day of the event. Coworkers will often eat lunch together, go out for drinks after work and can learn from each other's experiences, projects and travels. This spirit of community is important in any industry, but especially in creative fields where collaboration is essential. In school, we're constantly learning new things outside of our scope of knowledge; by engaging with others in a coworking space, you'll be able to build relationships that encourage exploration outside your comfort zone (which also happens to be good practice for life after graduation).

With all the benefits of coworking for students, it’s not surprising that more and more are choosing this option. Working in a collaborative environment can help you build connections with others who share your interests and can help you gain valuable experience that will make you a better employee later on down the road.

Can a CoWorking Space Be a Registered Office?

When registering a company, it is important to have a registered office, because it will be the headquarters of operations for your company. Usually, entrepreneurs and founders work at their homes or find office spaces to hold their businesses. However, over the last several years, businesses have been moving from homes and offices to coworking spaces.

A coworking space is a single work environment that is shared by multitudes of people from startups to larger corporations. These spaces are cheaper than renting whole office spaces; they also create a welcoming environment where new companies can easily find inspiration or ask for help. Thus, the problem of finding real estate has ended and all resources are shared at a fair cost. All of these advances and more have been the primary reason the coworking industry has boomed over the past few years. 

CoWorking Spaces Qualify as Registered Offices

Registered office space can be your home address, office building or coworking space. The only requirement for registered office space is that a company must have a permanent office address and not a temporary one. When it comes to your company’s postal address, any address may be used, including a P.O. box address. 

Since the address of the registered office must be permanent, the coworking space must own the premises on which your office rests. This is of course no problem for Daphne CoWork, but it is important to know and understand the requirements of registered office space. Once an agreement is executed, you can officially use the coworking space as your company office address! To register the coworking space as your company’s official office, the following item are required: 

If you are interested in joining a coworking space, look no further than Daphne CoWork! When you join Daphne CoWork, you join a community of like-minded individuals who want nothing more than to help their businesses succeed. The CoWorking space is home to several events throughout the year and provides a wonderful environment to help you grow your small business.

Contact us today to learn more about what makes Daphne CoWork the best coworking space on the Eastern Shore!

5 Ideas on How to Stay Motivated

It's easy to get down on yourself when you're working hard and not seeing the results that you want. However, you can take steps to motivate yourself and keep your spirits high. We've found that some of the best ways to stay motivated are:

Be excited about your work.

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to be excited about what you’re doing.

Be excited about your work, be excited about the future, be excited about the present and even be excited about the past. If you find that hard to do then think back over all the good things that have happened in your life so far and give thanks for them.

Create a comfortable work environment.

A comfortable work environment will help you stay motivated and productive. Here are some tips for creating a more comfortable workspace:

Reward yourself for meeting goals.

This is a very important piece of the puzzle. You need to reward yourself for your hard work, effort and success; otherwise it can be easy to lose motivation when things don't go as planned. When you achieve a goal or finish something, take some time to celebrate your accomplishment and pat yourself on the back! This will keep you motivated because it reminds you of how amazing it feels when you accomplish something – plus it gives you an extra boost of confidence!

Celebrate small victories.

One of the easiest ways to stay motivated is to celebrate every little victory, no matter how small. It’s very common for people to wait for big accomplishments or major victories before they take time out to celebrate, but this shouldn’t be the case! You can celebrate your progress along the way and keep yourself motivated by celebrating specific wins.

It doesn't have to be anything big like finishing a book or getting a promotion at work; any small accomplishment is worthy of celebration! Some examples include:

You need to take your own advice and motivate yourself.

The first step to being your own best friend is knowing what you need. This can be difficult when you're feeling down, but if you take the time to think about it and write down what motivates you, then you'll be able to see where your strengths lie.

The next step is putting that into action—you need to make sure that what keeps you going is also something that will keep others going as well. If there's a chance of anyone else joining in on whatever motivation plan you've set up, they have to find it beneficial too!

Now comes the fun part: thinking up ways for yourself and others who feel like they need some extra encouragement right now (or even just once or twice during regular life). They can benefit from having someone else around who believes in them just as much as they do themselves—and vice versa!If you want to be more motivated and engaged in your work, it is up to you. You can start by making small changes that will lead towards bigger ones. If you need a coworking space to help you stay motivated, then Daphne CoWork has you covered! Visit www.daphnecowork.com to learn more.

How Safe Are Coworking Spaces?

Coworking spaces have certainly become more common these days as more and more individuals run their own businesses from home or work remotely. Coworking spaces can be a creative and beneficial solution to a lack of office space or a need for a sense of community, but some may be concerned about the safety of these spaces. While there are certain risks that come into play with public space, rest assured that most coworking spaces have security measures in place to make sure tenants are as safe as can be.

Online Security

One of the first things to look out for when working in a shared space is that your data and privacy are protected while using shared Wi-Fi services. Data breaches and malware attacks are a real concern these days, and it is essential that your coworking space has systems in place that reduce the limit of such issues. One way that coworking spaces ensure that each tenant’s devices are safe is through the issuing of unique login credentials for each tenant. Owners of coworking spaces can also implement an agreement that is signed when leasing a space that requires each individual to agree to their safety terms.

Physical Security

Another popular concern that holds some people back from renting out a coworking space is whether or not the building itself is secure. When choosing a coworking space, it is important that you choose one that is under 24/7 surveillance. Ask about security cameras and alarm systems when signing up, as it is likely there is a security system in place that will give you peace of mind. Another thing to look out for is well-lit entrances and parking lots. When it comes to the inside of the space, there should also be cameras to ensure the safety of tenants and their devices as they work together.

Health Security

Another understandable concern is that of your health, especially as it applies to the COVID-19 pandemic. Making sure coworking spaces are regularly cleaned is essential, but it never hurts to go a step further by bringing wipes or sanitizer with you. Make sure your coworking space allows for enough room between desks to account for personal space and CDC guidelines regarding the pandemic. 

Overall, modern coworking spaces are a safe place to work, though it all comes down to the specific place you decide to rent from. At Daphne CoWork, we have a wide selection of plans to choose from and can assure you that our space is well surveilled, secured and cleaned. If you are looking for a coworking space in the Daphne, AL area, we hope you’ll give us a try! Give us a call to learn more today: 251-517-9425.

Why CoWorking Spaces are Worth Using

In a world where remote jobs have become increasingly common, new solutions for workspaces and office environments are needed. While many of us have catered our home office into the workspace of our dreams, sometimes even that inspirational corner of productivity is lacking. Whether you find yourself craving a community atmosphere, or you lack the resources or room for an office that promotes growth, coworking spaces may be on your mind.

If you’ve been debating on whether or not you want to join a coworking space near you, this blog is for you! We’ve developed a list of reasons why these spaces are beneficial.

Work-Life Balance

Working from home proves to have several benefits, but it also comes at a price. When you find yourself working just steps away from your bed, it can be hard to separate your work life from your home life. If you find yourself getting distracted by all those chores and responsibilities, a coworking space may be the solution for you. Additionally, if you struggle to put down the computer and relax, keeping your work life separate by allowing yourself to have an office space away from home is a great way to do so.

Networking & Community

One downside to working from home is the loneliness that it can result in. If you find yourself craving community engagement, joining a coworking space is a great way to spend time around like-minded individuals. While enjoying some of the luxuries offered at many coworking spaces, such as kitchen space, coffee bars and a printing station, you can chat with fellow coworking space renters and get to know them and their business. This offers a great opportunity for you to network or make friends!


If you’re like most of us, working from home can result in temptations to sleep in, work late and develop bad habits that reduce your productivity. If you find yourself in need of a more structured approach to your work day, opting to join a coworking space may be the answer. Allowing yourself the flexibility and freedom to choose between working from home or visiting your coworking space means you can break bad patterns and develop a new schedule that works for you. Getting out of the house can benefit you when you find yourself in a rut and need of a scene change.

While there are endless reasons you may find yourself considering a coworking space, we recommend you carefully consider your options before settling on a space. Consider things like pricing, amenities and distance when debating between different spaces.

If you’re looking for a coworking space in Daphne, Alabama, we hope you’ll look into Daphne CoWork! Our innovative co-working space is designed with you in mind, so you can get more done without strings attached. Ready for your space? Call us at 251-517-9425 to reserve your spot today!

What Are Things a Coworking Space Can Be Used For

Contrary to popular belief, coworking spaces have uses other than providing an office space. While the primary function of a cowork space like Daphne CoWork is to provide flexible membership options so that individuals and businesses alike can work how they want when they want, there are many other uses that a coworking space provides. Here are just a few things a coworking space can be used for.

Flexible Office Space

Yes, we did just mention that coworking spaces have other uses than their primary function of an office space. However, we would be amiss to not mention the many ways coworking spaces can revolutionize your workplace. You can choose from having a designated office space, open workspace or virtual office, so that you or your business have a myriad of options to choose how you want to work. 

Conference Rooms

Speaking of office spaces, coworking spaces can be used to carry out functions of a traditional office - such as serving your conference room needs. Like Daphne CoWork, many coworking spaces offer conference rooms to be reserved so you can host team, client or business meetings. You can also enjoy amenities like printer access, internet access, a kitchen and more. 


Having a business allows you to celebrate your wins, no matter how small. With Daphne CoWork, you can rent out space to host an event and celebrate your successes. This is a great opportunity for any businesses who do not have the space in their traditional office to host an event, and it also provides a great meeting space to have a community gathering. You can have these events catered as well - who doesn’t love to celebrate their accomplishments with food?

Networking Purposes

You can create many meaningful connections in coworking spaces. Maybe you enjoy working from the comfort of your home, but you miss crafting meaningful connections with others. Perhaps you attend an event at the cowork space and meet like-minded individuals with business goals similar to your own. Coworking spaces can be used as a tool to establish meaningful connections with creative, innovative businesspeople. 

Scouting Out Talent

If you are a business owner, you’re constantly on the search for fresh, exciting talent to join your team. Setting up shop at a coworking space is a sure-fire way to access a new pool of talent and pitch them your business. You can meet, collaborate and bounce ideas off of remote workers who are looking to provide their expertise to a business they are excited about. The possibilities are endless, and the best part is it benefits both you, the business owner, and them, the remote worker looking for a fresh, fun new project.

Coworking spaces have limitless uses that extend far beyond serving as a typical office space. Whether you’re looking for a flexible space to work, a conference room to host your business meetings, an exciting event space, or simply want to network and access a new pool of talent, coworking spaces can be used for it all.

Are you looking for a coworking space to help bring your business to new heights? Daphne CoWork is seeking innovative applicants to rent out office space. If you’re interested in getting to work, contact us by calling (251)-517-9425 or by visiting daphnecowork.com. We’d love to work with you!

How to Foster Innovative and Creative Thinking

Now more than ever, business owners are realizing that creativity is valuable outside of traditional “creative careers” such as art and design. Allowing creativity to thrive in the workplace can lead to a more positive work environment and promote innovation, but how do you get creativity to flourish in the workplace? At Daphne CoWork, we value creating an environment that fosters innovative and creative thinking in the office setting and we also have some tips for you to do the same! 

Hire Diverse Talent

Solely hiring people who look, think and act the same is not conducive to a creative environment. People who grew up in similar environments and have similar educational backgrounds can sometimes produce the same ideas. Hiring from a diverse pool of talent allows for unique perspectives and a broad range of ideas, which brings about innovative thinking. 

Create Space for Others to Share Ideas 

It does no good to hire interesting people if you and your team are not talking with them and getting to know them. A simple conversation can spark the most innovative idea. Reflect on what you are currently doing to encourage a collaborative work environment. Do you have a way for others to share their ideas? Do you take time to listen to others’ ideas? Create an open space for team members to express their ideas. This can be accomplished through anonymous submissions or in an open brainstorming session with your team. Make time during the workday to foster discussions with others.

Recognize Employees 

If your employees come up with a good idea, shout them out! Not only that, but implement their ideas as well (if you are able to). People want to feel valued, and they aren’t going to share their ideas if they feel there will be no follow-through. People are more likely to come up with innovative, creative ideas and share them if they feel like they are being heard and appreciated. Ensure your team knows their ideas are valued, and celebrate your employees who strive to bring about innovative change. The more time spent supporting creative thinking, the more it becomes part of the company culture. 

Have a Lively Workspace 

Sitting in a stale, bland office space isn’t conducive to fostering creativity. Make your workspace interesting - bring in plants, decorations and color to brighten up your office. Research shows that having plants around aids in creating a happier environment and color can bring about creativity. You don’t have to paint an entire wall - bringing in accent pieces like a carpet or office decor can do just the trick to make the room more colorful and inspiring. 

The nature of coworking spaces brings about creativity and innovation. By working in a collaborative environment, employees can talk freely and discuss their ideas. By creating a space that values unique ideas and diverse talent, encourages employee recognition and has a lively office environment, you can foster innovative and creative thinking in the office setting.

Are you interested in working in a creative and innovative office space? Contact Daphne CoWork at (251) 517-9425. We’d love to work with you!

Why You Should Start Using a Shared Workspace

Coworking spaces have a lot to offer new, forward-looking businesses. Coworking spaces and shared offices are no longer defined by the standard of artisanal coffee or specially made cookies. Instead, these spaces are bringing new, productive ways of working. From low operational costs to unique networking opportunities, communal workspaces are profitable for businesses of all sizes, from the one-man-show to large corporations. If you are considering moving your business into a shared workspace, consider each of the following perks and how they could accelerate your business: 

Unique networking and collaboration opportunities

When you share office space with a community of like-minded people, you are bound to connect with individuals who might benefit your business in some shape or form. You are free to socialize as much or as little as you like, but it is important to note the unique relationship that can be formed through a shared space. Between commonly shared spaces and private rooms, you are free to move around and choose how, where and when you would like to interact with others. The potential for creating unique relationships through free interaction allows people to be more connected to their team, while also encouraging networking in the wider co-working community. 

Increase creativity and productivity

Research shows that working in a shared workspace has a positive effect on the productivity and creativity of employees. Recent studies prove that 71% of employees in shared workspaces feel more creative, 68% report an increase in focus and 64% state they feel more efficient in a coworking environment. Coworking spaces are carefully designed to support collaboration and productivity, while also providing a sense of privacy when needed. When people are able to move freely and discuss ideas among like-minded peers, companies are rewarded in the form of information, inspiration, and productivity. 


Coworking spaces provide businesses the flexibility and freedom necessary to grow. With no lengthy contracts, businesses are able to enjoy the wide range of amenities essential to growing a business with no long-term commitment, while also allowing room for expansion. Once your contract is signed, your business may begin to use the amenities available through the coworking space, which is up to date with the latest technologies. There is a wide range of flexibility when you choose to involve your business with Daphne CoWork. 

Coworking spaces are becoming known for being at the heart of innovation and connectivity due to the amazing benefits businesses receive from working in one. Moving into a shared workspace is perfect for businesses that prioritize talent, flexibility, and innovation. If you are ready to discover just what a shared workspace can do for your business or would like to browse our location, call or email us today! We love working with new and upcoming businesses in Baldwin County!

Should I work from home or get a coworking space?

If you're debating between working from home or from a coworking space, have you weighed the pros and cons from each? Working from home is when you work from your place of residence, rather than from an office. Most companies that allow at home working have policies to allow their employees to work from home. Working from a coworking space is when you work with different companies but share an office space, often to lower the cost and help the company save money. But what are the pros and cons of each and which is better for you? Let's discuss each individually!

Pros of working from home:

  1. Flexibility

Even though you still have to meet deadlines, you would be able to perform your task on your own time. For example, if you had a doctor’s appointment, you would be able to go and work on your task after you get back from your appointment. 

  1. No commute 

With no commute, you are able to save money on gas and sometimes even money on a professional wardrobe if you aren’t seeing clients face-to-face. 

  1. More family time

While working at home, you will be able to be around your family more. Including getting rid of a commute time, you will add more time to spend with your spouse and kids. 

Cons of working from home:

  1. No separation between work and leisure

Often, those who work from home lose track of time since they do not have a definite start or stop time for work. Because of this, they find it difficult to have a post-work mode.

  1. Less coworker contact

One downside of working at home is that you get less face-to-face interactions with people that you work in the company. If you are someone who enjoys socializing with your team personnel, you might become miserable and feel isolated at home. 

  1. Electronic communication 

It is easy to take things out of context when you are communicating through a digital communication system. There is a lack of facial expression and body language that help maintain positive communication. 

Pros of working in a coworking space:

  1. Cost

First and foremost, the cost of having a coworking space is much lower than that of a private office. The lower price points come from sharing a space with other companies. 

  1. Socialization

Something that remote workers miss the most about working in an office is socialization. Going to lunch with your coworkers and casual chit-chat with like-minded professionals is something that people enjoy when working in a coworking space. 

  1. Visualization

Coworking spaces are appealing, designed for growing your company. It also helps give your clients reassurance to see you working in a professional environment. 

Cons of working in a coworking space:

  1. Maintaining focus

Like any other job, there may be times where you find it difficult to maintain your focus. There is a chance for someone to be an occasional noise maker, however, most spaces have rules in place to prevent too many distractions. 

  1. Competition for seating 

If you are coworking in a space that has many of its available spots full, you may not get the best view, closest to a window or exactly where you would like. 

  1. Prohibitive

With basic packages in a coworking space, you normally receive free Wi-Fi, a desk, a chair and communal coffee area. You may have to pay more for better amenities. 

After thinking about each pro and con, if you have decided that coworking is best for you, contact Daphne CoWork at (251) 517-9425. We love helping you grow your business in a professional environment.

Tips for Staying Focused in a CoWorking Space

Working by yourself can become lonely. Having coworkers is like having a professional and encouraging community that is good for networking. There is something special about working with coworkers and building bonds. However, sometimes coworkers can become distractions, especially when you’re under the pressure of a deadline. 

Here are a few tips to keep you focused in a coworking space:

Use headphones

Headphones help cancel outside noise to help avoid distractions. Using headphones will allow you to play music that is effective for keeping your attention. Some employers might be willing to cover the cost of headphones when you ask. You can even purchase headphones and write them off as a business expense when used in your coworking space.

Book conference rooms

A conference room allows you to be in an environment without distractions. If your company does not have conference rooms available, you might be able to use an empty office or meeting room. Keep a list of subjects that need to be addressed and discuss them in an environment without excessive noise.

Use focusing mechanisms

Focusing mechanisms can be as simple as giving yourself an allotted break or setting reminders. Techniques like this will help keep you on track and up-to-date on your time management practices. Studies have shown that a quick 20-minute nap can make someone more alert. Eating a quick lunch and taking a small nap is a good way to refocus and recharge in your coworking space.

Accept being interrupted 

Yes! You will be interrupted at some point or another in a coworking space. It is better to accept it and change your outlook on interruptions beforehand. Try not to let interruptions cause you to become frustrated while working.

Use an indoor voice

Monitor yourself throughout the day to make sure you are using soft tones. There is a tendency to talk louder when someone else is talking loudly. The two voices try to compete to be heard and others chime in, doing the same thing. Eventually, the workspace is loud and distracting. If you have a conversation with a coworker or make a phone call, be sure to keep your voice low or step out of the room.

Located in Daphne, AL, Daphne CoWork is about to provide flexible workspaces for your business. With innovative coworking spaces designed with thought, you will be pleased to further your business. Find a co-working space by visiting our website or calling us at 251-517-9425.