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The Benefits of Having a Flexible Office Space

Coworking spaces can help you grow your business, create a sense of community and get you the help you need to stay productive in your work life. We'll take a look at how coworking is changing the way we work and how your business can benefit from these changes. It's a community. You'll be surrounded […]

5 Networking Tips to Help You Build Connections

“Networking” has become a buzzword in the business world. But what does it really mean? Networking is about building relationships that can lead to professional opportunities and personal growth. Whether you're looking for a new job or just trying to expand your circle of contacts, there are plenty of reasons to get started with networking […]

Can You Use a CoWorking Space as a Business Address?

Whether you're a solopreneur or part of a larger startup, it can be hard to find affordable office space. Coworking spaces are an increasingly popular option for people looking to get out of the house and into a collaborative environment that's also more affordable than renting an actual office. But what's the deal with using […]

4 Perks to Using a CoWorking Space While You’re Still in School

Working at a coworking space while you're still in school can be a great way to gain valuable experience and make connections. In this post, we'll explore the pros and cons of working at a co-working space while you're still in school, as well as some tips for getting the most out of your experience. […]

Can a CoWorking Space Be a Registered Office?

When registering a company, it is important to have a registered office, because it will be the headquarters of operations for your company. Usually, entrepreneurs and founders work at their homes or find office spaces to hold their businesses. However, over the last several years, businesses have been moving from homes and offices to coworking […]

5 Ideas on How to Stay Motivated

It's easy to get down on yourself when you're working hard and not seeing the results that you want. However, you can take steps to motivate yourself and keep your spirits high. We've found that some of the best ways to stay motivated are: Be excited about your work. One of the best ways to […]

How Safe Are Coworking Spaces?

Coworking spaces have certainly become more common these days as more and more individuals run their own businesses from home or work remotely. Coworking spaces can be a creative and beneficial solution to a lack of office space or a need for a sense of community, but some may be concerned about the safety of […]

Why CoWorking Spaces are Worth Using

In a world where remote jobs have become increasingly common, new solutions for workspaces and office environments are needed. While many of us have catered our home office into the workspace of our dreams, sometimes even that inspirational corner of productivity is lacking. Whether you find yourself craving a community atmosphere, or you lack the […]

What Are Things a Coworking Space Can Be Used For

Contrary to popular belief, coworking spaces have uses other than providing an office space. While the primary function of a cowork space like Daphne CoWork is to provide flexible membership options so that individuals and businesses alike can work how they want when they want, there are many other uses that a coworking space provides. […]

How to Foster Innovative and Creative Thinking

Now more than ever, business owners are realizing that creativity is valuable outside of traditional “creative careers” such as art and design. Allowing creativity to thrive in the workplace can lead to a more positive work environment and promote innovation, but how do you get creativity to flourish in the workplace? At Daphne CoWork, we […]

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