How to Foster Innovative and Creative Thinking

Now more than ever, business owners are realizing that creativity is valuable outside of traditional “creative careers” such as art and design. Allowing creativity to thrive in the workplace can lead to a more positive work environment and promote innovation, but how do you get creativity to flourish in the workplace? At Daphne CoWork, we value creating an environment that fosters innovative and creative thinking in the office setting and we also have some tips for you to do the same! 

Hire Diverse Talent

Solely hiring people who look, think and act the same is not conducive to a creative environment. People who grew up in similar environments and have similar educational backgrounds can sometimes produce the same ideas. Hiring from a diverse pool of talent allows for unique perspectives and a broad range of ideas, which brings about innovative thinking. 

Create Space for Others to Share Ideas 

It does no good to hire interesting people if you and your team are not talking with them and getting to know them. A simple conversation can spark the most innovative idea. Reflect on what you are currently doing to encourage a collaborative work environment. Do you have a way for others to share their ideas? Do you take time to listen to others’ ideas? Create an open space for team members to express their ideas. This can be accomplished through anonymous submissions or in an open brainstorming session with your team. Make time during the workday to foster discussions with others.

Recognize Employees 

If your employees come up with a good idea, shout them out! Not only that, but implement their ideas as well (if you are able to). People want to feel valued, and they aren’t going to share their ideas if they feel there will be no follow-through. People are more likely to come up with innovative, creative ideas and share them if they feel like they are being heard and appreciated. Ensure your team knows their ideas are valued, and celebrate your employees who strive to bring about innovative change. The more time spent supporting creative thinking, the more it becomes part of the company culture. 

Have a Lively Workspace 

Sitting in a stale, bland office space isn’t conducive to fostering creativity. Make your workspace interesting - bring in plants, decorations and color to brighten up your office. Research shows that having plants around aids in creating a happier environment and color can bring about creativity. You don’t have to paint an entire wall - bringing in accent pieces like a carpet or office decor can do just the trick to make the room more colorful and inspiring. 

The nature of coworking spaces brings about creativity and innovation. By working in a collaborative environment, employees can talk freely and discuss their ideas. By creating a space that values unique ideas and diverse talent, encourages employee recognition and has a lively office environment, you can foster innovative and creative thinking in the office setting.

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