Tips for Staying Focused in a CoWorking Space

Working by yourself can become lonely. Having coworkers is like having a professional and encouraging community that is good for networking. There is something special about working with coworkers and building bonds. However, sometimes coworkers can become distractions, especially when you’re under the pressure of a deadline. 

Here are a few tips to keep you focused in a coworking space:

Use headphones

Headphones help cancel outside noise to help avoid distractions. Using headphones will allow you to play music that is effective for keeping your attention. Some employers might be willing to cover the cost of headphones when you ask. You can even purchase headphones and write them off as a business expense when used in your coworking space.

Book conference rooms

A conference room allows you to be in an environment without distractions. If your company does not have conference rooms available, you might be able to use an empty office or meeting room. Keep a list of subjects that need to be addressed and discuss them in an environment without excessive noise.

Use focusing mechanisms

Focusing mechanisms can be as simple as giving yourself an allotted break or setting reminders. Techniques like this will help keep you on track and up-to-date on your time management practices. Studies have shown that a quick 20-minute nap can make someone more alert. Eating a quick lunch and taking a small nap is a good way to refocus and recharge in your coworking space.

Accept being interrupted 

Yes! You will be interrupted at some point or another in a coworking space. It is better to accept it and change your outlook on interruptions beforehand. Try not to let interruptions cause you to become frustrated while working.

Use an indoor voice

Monitor yourself throughout the day to make sure you are using soft tones. There is a tendency to talk louder when someone else is talking loudly. The two voices try to compete to be heard and others chime in, doing the same thing. Eventually, the workspace is loud and distracting. If you have a conversation with a coworker or make a phone call, be sure to keep your voice low or step out of the room.

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