What Sets our CoWorking Space Apart From Others

A coworking space is a shared workspace where individuals from various professions converge to work on their unique projects. These individuals share the resources available, fostering a sense of community while maintaining their independence. No matter your work preferences, Daphne CoWork offers a coworking environment tailored to your needs.


The flexibility of Daphne CoWork's spaces sets us apart. Our coworking spaces cater to all types of work schedules, be it daytime or nighttime, giving you the freedom to work at your most productive hours. Additionally, Daphne CoWork offers a range of membership plans - yearly, quarterly or monthly - providing options to suit different needs and budgets.

Stable Internet Connection:

Each of Daphne CoWork's spaces is equipped with a high-speed internet connection. We understand the value of your time and the need for efficient online work; therefore, we ensure you have a reliable connection to keep your productivity high and work flowing smoothly.

Spacious Work Areas:

Daphne CoWork provides spacious work areas, accommodating various work styles. Whether you need space to spread out your documents or prefer a quiet corner for important meetings, we've got you covered.

Reserving a Space:

To reserve your space at Daphne CoWork, simply visit our website and click on 'Reserve an Office'. You will be presented with three options - a Designated Workspace, an Open Workspace and a Virtual Workspace. Choose the one that fits your needs and proceed with payment.

Designated Workspace:

Priced at $225 per month, our Designated Workspace offers you 24-hour access to your desk, a kitchen, restroom facilities and up to 3 hours per month in our conference rooms.

Open Workspace:

For $99 per month, the Open Workspace offers 24-hour access to any of our open workspaces and up to 3 hours per month in the conference rooms.

Virtual Workspace:

Ideal for remote workers, our Virtual Workspace is priced at $50 per month on a 6-month lease, offering you 24-hour access to mail and your very own mailing address.
Daphne CoWork offers a flexible, resourceful and community-driven coworking environment that adapts to your unique work needs. Whether you're a night owl, early bird, freelancer or remote worker, we've got a space for you. Start your coworking journey with Daphne CoWork today. Our team is excited to welcome you to our coworking community!

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